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and the neon gods movie

Community. AND THE NEON GODS features a tight knit group that ventures into the desert in an attempt to halt the impending apocalypse. In June 2021, our production team will embark on a similar journey. The Texas Desert will become our studio as we create this film and tell Jude's story. Help us secure our funds to ensure that our entire team gets fed, housed, and paid equitably!

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CREATION. Since May 2020, our core team has been working nonstop in pre-production to pave the road to success. We are all motivated by our shared love of storytelling and the creative process. Our art department and designers have produced incredible work that could become yours! In addition to supporting our efforts, the more you contribute, the better perks you get! Check out our Indiegogo page to browse the merchandise.

Learn more about the production team HERE.

CONTENT. As our process charges onward, our team has been providing content on all platforms. This acid-western thriller is unique in it's style and tone. We are committed to adventurous and bold strokes. Our trailers are a peek into this world, to tide you over until the film release!

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Gratitude. Thank you so much for becoming a part of our team with your investments. Each dollar contributed goes a long way in bringing AND THE NEON GODS from script to screen. 

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