and the neon gods


A wayward soul runs through a desert nightmare to escape his past, his religion, and maybe even himself. 


AND THE NEON GODS is an acid western thriller that follows Jude, a young man who is in a small religious group with his boyfriend, Matty. They follow a leader who calls himself Messiah. Messiah speaks of an oncoming apocalypse caused by the sins of humanity. The group, which is truly a cult, plans a series of rituals before a trek across the desert of west Texas to help stop the chaos Messiah prophesied. On the last night before the pilgrimage Messiah slits Matty’s throat and Jude is sent into a frenzy. What follows is a hazy psychedelic chase across the desert as Jude tries to reckon with his past all while facing the desert. He encounters strange people who propel him deeper and deeper into the vastness. Will Jude escape the omnipresent grasp of the Messiah?


"Today our souls start a new mission to endless salvation… Today you will all meet your new selves… Let us march onward to the pearly gates shining in their neon glory… To the new light we come!”


and the neon gods
A group devoted to the Lord is on the precipice of greatness.
A fiery apocalypse is upon us, and the Messiah aims to save humanity from their doom. His teachings speak of the Lord’s new light.
A power that most are too afraid to acknowledge.
This new light radiates strength, but the wickedness of the world is trying to block it out.
Join us on our march towards our salvation.
Come bathe in the new light.

Poster design by: @posters.blumoo

AND THE NEON GODS is a film created by young arts-industry professionals that hail from all over the US. We come from various backgrounds and passions, but are united by our love of storytelling and creative endeavors.


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